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Clear Braces
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Orthodontist in Winnipeg, Manitoba adjusting a patients ceramic braces brackets at Dr. Tim Dumore & Team.Increasingly, patients are asking for clear, ceramic braces to straighten their teeth. Clear braces provide our patients with the orthodontic care they need without the look of traditional metal braces. From students to professionals, you can have your bite adjusted while maintaining more subtly and privacy in doing it. If you have been wanting to enhance the look and function of your smile, but don’t necessarily want the appearance of an awkward teen, we can help. Clear braces are designed to do the work, without the look of braces. Our staff at Dr. Tim Dumore & Team can evaluate your bite, and then together we can create a treatment plan, that may include clear ceramic braces.

Clear braces use the same bracket and wire system as standard braces, but with ceramic materials. The advantage to ceramic is that it can be shaded to match your teeth, helping the brackets be less visible, they can hide in your mouth. Many patients find ceramic braces to be aesthetically much more pleasing versus standard metal braces. In most cases, ceramic braces are used on older teenagers and adult patients who have cosmetic concerns and don’t want their braces to be forefront when they engage with others. To help your braces hide, even more, we can place clear wires.

Orthodontic care comes with an aesthetic and functional purpose. A bad bite, known as a malocclusion, can cause havoc in your mouth. When your teeth are out of alignment, so is your jaw. This can cause uneven chewing, uneven wear on your teeth, and jaw joint issues known as TMJ dysfunction. We can help you have straighter teeth, close the gaps and give you a smile to be proud of. Our adult patients who are now working in a professional environment understand that having a beautiful smile can make a large impact. If you suffer from an overbite, underbite, crossbite, open bite or more, we can help. Clear braces can allow you to have the work done more discreetly than metal braces.

Ceramic braces offer several pros to our patients. They allow the orthodontic work to be done more discreetly. They still allow for more direct and specific care that is not given with clear aligners. Clear braces are easier on your gums; many patients find it frustrating that they can so easily damage their gums and soft tissue on their metal braces, this does not happen with ceramic braces. Most importantly, they will help you reach your end goal of a better bite and perfected smile, without the significant change to your smile while they are on.

The downside of ceramic brackets is that they are not necessarily as durable as metal brackets. There are situations when breakage can occur. Patients will be informed of the proper way to care for their brackets and will need to take extra caution in their food choices to not cause damage. Additionally, there is a cost difference in comparison to metal braces. We are happy to review this information with you and help calculate the difference based on your insurance benefits.

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At Dr. Tim Dumore & Team, our Orthodontist, Dr. Dumore, can help you have the smile you want, enhancing your look and function. For more information on clear ceramic braces, contact our Winnipeg Manitoba MB R3J 0P1, Canada office at: 204-809-6026

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